Materasso Slovakia

MATERASSO Slovakia, s. r. o., whose factory is located in the village of Oravské Veselé, now makes more than 300,000 mattresses and 70,000 slatted bed bases a year, in a range of different models. The company also makes products to complement these goods, such as household accessories and pillows. MATERASSO Slovakia, s. r. o., covers 60 – 70 % of the Slovak market, also exporting its products to the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Austria, Panama, South Africa and other countries of the worldf the world.

Client: Materasso Slovakia 
Agency: Dimension advertising
Director & screenplay: Jakub Hrabák
DOP: Filip Hájek
Music: "Frannie" by Josh Woodward

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